Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thought for food

What is the most precious thing today? Gold? Maybe for few but for majority it is the food. The food prices have gone so high in recent times that they have caused "food crises" in some countries. Fortunately we are not one of them. Its predicted that if inflation continues this trend then almost 30 countries will see food riots and they will collapse. Hence it is very important that we give a thought for food do something to prevent the catastrophe.

Consider the food equation, which is a simple equation with demand on one side and supply on other. The supply side of this equation is nothing but the food producing capablity of earth. This will most likely remain a constant for while, boosted at times by new technologies and novel researches. On the other side of equation we have billions of people(whose number is increasing) multiplied by demand of each person(which is also increasing).

Today the two sides are out of balance and the problem for each one of us is to think, think and think in order to balance them. I am sure, if each one of us spares some time to think on this problem, we can together crack it. One way which I have thought is to stop food wastage of all kinds so as to keep check on its demand. If it is done by billions of people I am confident that it would help. So people what has come out of your thoughts?

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