Friday, July 27, 2007

Informing on t..r..affic

Traffic - The most frightful thing I can think of..A lot has been written about traffic conditions but noone ever informed me about the live traffic at particular location area when I needed it..

But today I came accross a site which provides the live traffic conditions on streets of Bangalore. The traffic condition at various places is plotted on the map of Banglaore with red, orange and green colored dots representing heavy, moderate and no congestion respecively. It also provides this info on the mobile phones through SMS. This website is a partnership of Mapunity, Airtel, and Bangalore Traffic Police - a great effort by all of them. So today onwards, before I leave the office I will quicky glance the map on this website and take the less busy route to my home accordingly. Such a powerful way of INFORMING about the Bangalore traffic. Just try think beyond informing, where this information be used and there are dozens of it!

I had seen that this service was made available sometime back at but it was restricted to US. The traffic density is shown by coloring the roads by different colors and it looks truly amazing. But I was equally amazed to see similar thing for our own Bangalore. The UI may not be as good as that of google but it serves the purpose well.

I am now waiting for the day when real time traffic would be available on dashboard of my vehicle besides the speedometer. I can sense that the day is not so far..

Friday, July 20, 2007

Excursion on banks of Kaveri

The month of July, a chilly cloudy Sunday morning and a bunch of IT geeks what else you need to start off an excursion?

Of course you need a vehicle..

The vehicle was the last one to arrive at the meeting place. But as it arrived the eagerly waiting bunch of IT geeks hopped on to it. The ten of us were cosily accomodated in the tempo traveller. No sooner the vehicle was moving that it was thumping with the beats of AR Rahman. The juice and chips packed by some of us were soon set free out of the packaging. The music and munching kept us so busy that we didnt realized that we had reached Kanakpura, the last known town where we could find some good food. Guys soon found a descent darshini and satisfied themselves with idly-vadas. Considering that food will be scarce further a paked lunch of rice was taken aboard and lots of packaged water.

There were lot of places that were thought about in planning stages of the excursion. The first one on the list was Chunchi Falls. When we reached this place, eveyone had an inquiring look "are there any waterfalls here?". But soon the thought faded away as everyone was busy in capturing the beauty of the place in their cameras. The falls as such are very small and lean but the rocky creavases created by them are just awesome. Some 1 gig of photos were clicked at this serene place. The return path to bus was an uphill task but it was joyous.

Next on the list was Kaveri Sangam. The bumpiness of the road leading to this place wasnt felt at all, as everyone was busy being deaf and dumb for the game of dumb charades. As opposed to Chunchi falls Kaveri Sangam is full of water in this month of year. The water seemed to overflow the banks. To go to Makedatu you need to cross the Kaveri river here in small "Choti si aasha" boats. After the boat ride we reached on other side and found a rickety bus waiting to take us to Makedatu. But hold on it was already full and the driver was busy in replacing the tyre that had got punctured. We requested the driver to allow us to travel on top of bus he agreed to that and also gave a discount for that! When the bus started moving it felt like riding an elephant!

Makedatu is place where the rocky banks of river Kaveri are so close that it is belived that a goat could cross it. Its amazing sight to watch the river flow with such a huge thrust. We spent some time there shooting this flow, jumping about the rocks. Then we set back to the Kaveri Sangam where the packed lunch was waiting for we the hungry geeks.

After the lucheon we decided to see if we can catch some fishes at a fishing camp nearby. But unfortunately we were denied entry there as we didnt have the bookings. But we were amazed to see the river flow so serenly here contradicting what we had seen some time back some 5km away.

It was just 2pm and only spot left nearby was "Shivsamudram". By majority we decided to go there and complete the list. It was a 2 hours journey but very peaceful as the drowsiness overcame the activeness. The sight of the lively gushing falls brought back the energy. Gallons and gallons of water was falling through them and creating a photogenic picture. We also had some time before sunset to get a glimpse of "Gagan chukki" falls on other side of Shivsamudram.

The bumpiness of the Indian roads wasn't felt at all on the return journey as we were busy watching a Bond movie. As the movie ended we realized that night had fallen and we started thinking of ways and means to reach back home. Some even started dreaming of next day in office.

Friday, July 13, 2007

I have uploaded..

Some years back most of the people were obsessed by the word "download". I will download that song or that game, that software, code, movie, lyrics and what not. The one to download it first became the hero, the inspiration for others. New heroes were born day by day who were powered by google. As art of downloading became a commodity it started loosing the charm. In the process the creative ones started looking for uploading as newer technique to be kewl.

Instead of downloading, "Uploading" became the buzzword. Todays everyone uploads. Everyone upload photos, songs, movies, code, softwares, scraps, answers to questions(forums), information(wiki) and also blogs. In this uploading era blogs have attracted my attention the most. With power of google again I can blog and I can blog conveniently! After publishing this this I can convincingly say I have uploaded a blog.

Yes I have uploaded...