Monday, August 11, 2008

The Olympic Dream - watch it out!

"Dream is not what you get while sleeping, Dream is the one that don't let you sleep!" A very inspiring statement from Indian Olympic hopeful in boxing Akhil Kumar, is just so profound and so apropos to any and everything. The Olympic dream has taken the sleep off from many like him for days and now they are in middle of the world's largest arena at Beijing, struggling fighting to fulfill their dream.

The opening ceremony at Beijing this year was a marvel in itself. Be it the synchronization of thousand drummers or lighting of the Olympic flame or the rings rising above ground, everything was just awesome spectacle. Olympics, which unites more than 40 sports, stimulates motivation. From the silent sport like archery to the adrenaline pumping football, every sport inspires reverence. In my opinion it is the biggest entertainment that can ever be watched. If you watch one event/match I am sure you would be glued to watch more of it. So dont miss this action, emotion, drama packed event, otherwise you would repent for four years!

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