Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mind Stimulative Games

This weekend was one where I got to know two interesting Mind Stimulating Games. On the Friday evening I got chance to play Pictionary, a game of pictures and words. "Draw throughout to win it" is the motto. This game brings out the creativity in you. It stimulates your mind to think hard. It strengthens your non-verbal communication. And most importantly you enjoy it because you laugh a lot!

I would like to play it more and also would like to have levels for the words like - easy, hard and hardest. Maybe there is a scope to add more words ourselves! Thanks to my friend who introduced this game to me.

The other game which I came to know over the weekend was "Mafia" alternatively known as "Assasin", which I couldn't play it as such but have desire to play it. Its not a board game but a group game. A group of 8 could do. To simplistically describe this game - a person could be a mafia or non-mafia(a citizen). So there are two factions - Mafia and citizens. Objective is to make your faction survive. Interesting thing is that nobody knows what is the role of other person! It will surely titillate your mind to strategically guess the role of all others. The best ones to strategise would win. I would try my hands on this and share the exprience!


Manohar Gadre said...

Would Appreciate if u could elaborate Pictionary Further....

The Creative Corner said...

Check the link on the blog!