Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Journey to office

Yes it was a journey today! The morning shuttle took a circuitous route today to office due to a huge traffic pile up on usual route. It was a journey in itself.

After some initial few minutes on this new route(new to me) the hustle bustle and traffic started waning. Then it seemed that the bus was on its way to a countryside excursion. Contrastingly it was grim inside the bus as it was actually on its way to office. Except for few like me who were curious of the impending journey. With few good spells of monsoon in past few days, landscape was green outside. I was amazed to see some beautifully built farmhouses on the way. Then there were dense teak wood plantations, vegetable farms and flower farms. I was astounded to see the flower farm as it was truly colorful with flowers of different kinds and varieties flowering at daybreak. The bus went past a small village followed by a big lake. It was picturesque to look at this lake which was overflowing its capacity.

And then the scene in front changed. Skyscrapers started dotting the scene..Now I could see the offices of big IT companies and that reminded me of my intent to reach my office. And when I looked at watch it was already thirty minutes past eight. An hour went by so fast! (slow for few actually). Then I reached office and found that our shuttle was one of few which reached quite before others as the traffic pile up was still there on the ususal route.

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Vineeta said...

hahaha!! See coz of the detour.. you got to see the idyllic scene :) And got a topic for ur blog too! Thanks to the traffic :)